As a fellow mom of four boys, I’m always looking for ways to keep my wild bunch active. When my boys get too wiggly and wild in the house, we say, “Are you acting like an animal? Where do animals live?”. They always run to the closet and grab their shoes and answer, “Outside!”. Kidventures is so comprehensive and detailed, Jen makes it too easy not to head out and play. I’m looking forward to putting KidVentures to use this summer, making sweet memories with my boys while keeping my house and sanity intact.

– Hayley Morgan,TheTinyTwig.com, Founder of The Influence Network


I was going to spend a few hours planning summer fun for my 3 kids, now I don’t have to. Jen’s book is PACKED with fun, simple experiences that are very well laid out and clearly explained. Honestly? I’m just as excited as my kids are about doing these activities!

-Kat Lee, InspiredToAction.com


KidVentures is a great book. As a working mom, I can’t always be the one doing all the activities with my younger boys like I could when my older boys were little. This Summer I will rely on this book to give my daytime sitter a plan on what to do to keep the boys learning and active.  No couch potatoes here!  While I am working during the day they can all have a blast outside and actually get direction on how to have fun. (You would be surprised to hear how many older teens (the sitters) never experienced the classic outdoor games as young kids.) I recommend this book to Moms, Dads (and sitters!) wholeheartedly.

– Alli Worthington, AlliWorthington.com, Co-Founder of Blissdom


Here’s what I love about Jen: she’s passionate about the outdoors, yes. She’s passionate about quads and multiples, yes. But what she’s really passionate about is HER BOYS. She puts her whole heart into raising them, loving them and leading them. This book isn’t just an activity book to add to your growing collection of I-should-do-this-one-day shelf. This book is a mother’s gift to her kids. It is an example for us to follow, a way for us to love our kids, to open their eyes, release their wonder and expand their world.
Not to mention, after reading through the book, I feel empowered (not overwhelmed) and excited to take a dirty, crazy, wild kidventure with my children!

– Amanda White, OhAmanda.com

Jen’s no-nonsense, easy approach to getting outside and making memories with your kids is a breath of fresh air. I’ve never been a big outdoors gal, but I found myself encouraged by the projects in this eBook. KidVentures is a must-read – and DO – for those warm weather months.

– Jessica Turner, The Mom Creative


Kid Ventures: 50 Outdoor Experiences of Wonder” by Jen Murray is an amazing resource for self proclaimed “indoor mommies” like me. In her down to earth style, Jen shares easy to follow and doable activities for you to do with your kids. My favorite part is how Jen codes each activity and provides an easy to use chart at the beginning of the book to find the best activity for your adventure of the day. If I can do this, so can you. Thanks Jen, for the inspiration. With your help I just may achieve ‘cool mom’ status by the end of the summer.

– Stacey Thacker, mother of 4 vibrant girls, co-author of Hope for the Weary Mom: Where God Meets You in Your Mess


As a mom of four boys (ages 1 to 7 years old…spread mine out a little…well, compared to Jen’s boys), I am grateful for the time and energy Jen put into collecting such stimulating and fun activities. If I don’t start the day with a plan my boys will tend toward misbehavior and chaos. Having Jen’s easy-to-use book (with an organized activity chart) will help prepare me for a summer home with the boys. More than anything I am grateful to see so many unique experiences. Toy zip line? Homemade sprinkler? Genius. My boys and I want to give Jen a big “thank you” hug.

– Heather MacFadyen, GodCenteredMom.com


From the very beginning of this book, I just knew Jen understood where I’m at as a boy mom: an indoor girl raising boys who need to be outdoors and adventurous! We enjoy the outdoors so much when we eventually get out there, but we’ve needed more creative ideas to fill that time in the fresh air with variety!

KidVentures is the perfect book for any parent to reference for outdoor fun anytime of year for the whole family! As we’re making our summer bucket lists, the boys and I have been reading through the book and adding lots of activities we’ve never done before to our lists!

And because Jen provides a supply list, great directions, fun printables, and other extra helpful resources, I feel prepared for a summer of adventurous fun in the great outdoors with my guys!

Erin M., Home with the Boys & Raising Boys Media 


Jen’s KidVentures: 50 Outdoor Experiences of Wonder, Discovery, & Childhood Memories is amazing. It’s short, it’s sweet, and it’s your key to the most fun-packed outside time you’ve ever had with your kiddos. This non-crafty, non-buildy mom is more motivated than ever to get her boys outside just because this book has so many great, simple ideas to help us make memories for a lifetime. I’m inspired.

– Brooke McGlothlin, Co-founder and Creator of Raising Boys Media, and author of Hope for the Weary Mom: Where God Meets You in Your Mess 


Not just for boys! Kidventures is a blueprint for playing with your kids. Read the ebook, then shut off the electronics, and get outside.

– Heather Sokol, FamilyFunInTheCity.com


Jen has written the perfect summer guide for kids–even pretty pink princesses like my daughter. And she’s made it simple enough for all parents–even couch potato, indoorsy types like me. We’ve added several of these kidventures to our summer bucket list, and I can’t wait to get started enjoying the outdoors and time together!

– Mary Carver, GivingUpOnPerfect.com